maybe, just maybe

as I was melting under the touch of your hand
trying not to think about anything else
than the current, quiet moment
you suddenly asked me about my friend
after a long period of silence
as if it was the most random question
a person could ever ask
and I dont know lot about things
but I know
that you dont tend to ask questions randomly
and I also know
that i didnt talk about her for a long time
because, to be honest
i didnt think about her at all
i didnt think about anyone else
than you
but obviously, i wouldnt say that to you
so i just looked down
and said that i dont talk to her that much
it wasnt a complete lie
but i wasnt entirely honest either
who knows what was running through your head
but i like to think
that maybe, just maybe
sometimes you feel the same as me
maybe, just maybe
sometimes youre just as confused as me
and maybe
just maybe
youre too a little afraid
of what will be
when we will not see eachother
everyday anymore
god help me
im in love

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